Thursday, December 02, 2004

Wednesdays Rock!

Ok, first off: Ethan Rom? Come on! Rom: Spaceknight. Obviously, the other people on the island are from space. Or the Microverse.

I did a scientific experiment today. I started with the hypothesis that Wednesday is the greatest day of the week. I then proceeded to test this hypothesis with new episodes of Smallville, Lost, South Park, and Drawn Together, and new issues of New Avengers, Intimates, and Ultimates. I also went shopping! Yeah! And came out of the day net $100. I swear, sometimes I'm the most perfect little consumer worker drone. Anyway, the data points conclusively to Wednesday being the greatest day of the week.

Smallville: When I watch this episode again, I'm only gonna be watching about two minutes of it. But it was freakin' sweet to see that premonition of Lex being a white-suited doucheldorf comme ca first season again.

South Park: I think it's funny when dogs use pistols to commit suicide. And the Lemmiwinks reference was freakin' sweet.

Smallville (again): Lana was right about the Peking duck. That shit takes longer. Other than that, though, she's the worst, and not at all freakin' sweet.

Lost: Maybe I suck at watching TV, but I don't remember any part of this episode telling me if Jack did or did not make that putt.

New Avengers: Cool Sentry and Spider-Man stuff. Stupid Cage and Spider-Woman and Captain America stuff. No Wolverine or Iron Man stuff. Bendis can do better.

Smallville: "Hey, how long has it been since we've had Clark and Lana kiss and it was a dream, hoax, or imaginary story?"
"About five episodes."
"Sounds like it's time to do that shit AGAIN."

Ultimates: Say...this had great moments from everyone and promises of more such to come, not to mention stuff actually happening. I can't store this issue next to New Avengers #1, because U makes NA cry.

New Avengers: I mean, here's the entire issue: "Electro frees all the criminals in Ryker's, and The Sentry showed up after a couple of years of not being in any books."

Ultimates: And Paul Mounts is probably all, "Aw, nuts."

Superman/Batman #15: This is gonna be one for the ol' hardcover. DOES NOT SUCK. And I made all of you a funny picture out of the best part. Did I say funny and best? I meant tragic and tragicest.

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