Wednesday, January 05, 2005

2005: Best January 5th Ever?

I had a great personal time tonight, but then I got home. BUT, THEN, I, GOT, HOME.

Frank Miller has been confirmed as the writer of All-Star Batman and Robin, with Jim Lee on art. If it turns out to be as tenth as good as Born Again, well, it will also be a tenth as good as Man Without Fear, or, roughly, eight thousand times better than any other non-philosophical work out there. I'm not saying that Miller uses no subtext, I'm just saying his stories DO NOT FUCKING NEED IT.

I miss Will Eisner, too. I heard about that yesterday, though, so technically, still best January 5th ever. I also own no real sadness when thinking of his passing, if only because I don't believe he wasted any time here. Off the top of my head, I'd say he led the most consistently full and rewarding life of the twentieth century.

I've also come a bit closer to my special "Unified Theory of All That." To wit!: Monotheism is the worship of the abyss, or that which is (or seems) unknowable. Other Theisms are various forms of self and material worship in differing part combinations, and which often are metaphorically explained by chess boards on higher and lower plains of existence. These are evidenced, respectively, by a Christian God who is in charge, and by non-Christian gods who represent different abilities, emotions, and specializations. In people, then, you can see the innate draw to Christianity: you don't have to be in charge, and you don't have to win, because there's someone who already does that, and you can never learn enough to get his job. And there are advantages to that: people like that aren't jerks and will probably let you do what you're going to do. Ironically, the way it usually works out is for abyss-worshippers to skip learning about something (playing-chess-style) and instead try to solve problems of faith with willful ignorance and unsupported accusation. That's pretty much it so far. Let me know if any that was unclear, and I'll work on it.

And there's only 85 more days until Sin City.

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  1. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Um, you say that you had a great time tonight, but, looking out my window, the night of Wednesday January 5th has not occurred yet. You might have said, I had a great time yesterday. This of course would make Jan 4th an awesome day, not Jan 5th, as your blog insinuates.