Sunday, December 04, 2005

At the Zoo!

Luke and BJ and I went to Tulsa this weekend for April's birthday. Some of the things we did include:

Luke making a new chinchilla acquaintance.

Myself pretending a tampon can go in my penis to stop all my penis bleeding. On an unrelated note, a gay fella asked if he could shave me and I let him. Then he asked if he could shave my balls and I knew it would be a cop-out if I said no, so I let him. He had done such a great job on my face (uh...) that I never seriously considered that he would cut my balls. Which he did! So, for those keeping score at home, I now have a severed and repaired ACL, two broken hands, and a pair of nuts that look like a tiger got a hold of them. And speaking of tigers...

Luke and BJ rompin' some statues of big pussies. Oh, and another thing about my broken hands: I met a lot of people this weekend, and when you meet people, traditionally you shake their hands. I opted out of that a lot because it fuckin' hurts to shake hands with people right now. But the first gay guy I met at the gay club shook my hand anyway, and, well, let's just put it like this: It was no problem shaking every gay guy's hand that I met.

That was all very coarse. Except the Chinchilla. Which actually was coarse in its own way because he took 'sand baths.' Believe it...or not!

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