Friday, June 16, 2006

Wrecker Report

Michelle Branch didn't come out afterwards to meet her adoring public, but the lovely Jessica Harp did.

She thinks I'm crazy. Or maybe she's crazy about me. We ARE were friends on myspace, after all.

My favorite exchange, after a woman (apparently a mother) asked Luke to take a picture of her and Jessica for her daughter. Which required Luke getting her e-mail address and phone number.

Mother: My daughter is getting into some music that I don't approve of...

Me: What, like the Eminem and Hoobastank and what not? (true quote!)

Mother: Exactly, and we're trying to get her to listen to more white people music. Like the Wreckers.

Me: But not those traitorous Dixie Chicks! (not true quote)


  1. Wow did she really say white people music! What a bitch! Hoobastank wrote The Reason, that's pretty white.

    My blog is back on the map suckah!

  2. hey. update me.

    your blog