Friday, November 13, 2009


Zan Bar, one floor above the Frog & Toad in La Festa, Ilsan, is a really attractive place to have two drinks, especially if you are a fan of blue lighting and music ranging from hard house to yacht rock. Service is likely to be a free drink in a bag (like a Capri Sun) when you leave. Maybe. Sometimes.

Bar Boom, pretty easy to find in the heart of La Festa on the opposite side from Rosenbrau, is a huge attraction for a lot of foreigners and other people who like to be crushed together on a dancefloor. Nonexistent service, but they do play a lot of Top 40 hits. Very technically proficient live DJ playing to a cramped dancefloor, Bar Boom is proof positive that people will face a comparably-abusive atmosphere to go where other people go. Your Mileage May Vary.

ped, immediately below Bar Boom on the second floor of the F building in La Festa, is extremely welcoming and a relatively new club. 5000 won cover, but our service experience after that was an endless supply of tequila. One bartender also wanted me to try something he invented, I think it was Korean cola with Cass beer mixed together. It was...good? The DJ was all over the place, from Daft Punk to "The Rockafeller Skank" to MGMT, plus a bunch of stuff I don't remember because of the tequila. Also he had a megaphone. Smaller crowd but much more room to dance and high energy from all present. Highly recommended, and not just because the Armani-clad manager told me to say that after he gave us his card.


  1. Next time I forget where a nightspot is, I can quickly dial up your blog.

  2. yes, that is what I am talking about. clubtastic updates.


  3. Nice to see some updates on this blog, i thought it was dead! Wish you had been at harvest!