Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall TV Lineup 2k11

Hey, Nick, here's all the things you need to watch this year. ON TV


NEW Once Upon a Time: Honestly this looks terrible but I will watch half the pilot and see what's up, mitebcool.jpg (ABC 8pm EST 10/23)

NEW Allen Gregory: Also looks terrible, but....tch, yeah, I already bought it? (FOX 8:30 10/30)

Family Guy: I don't trust people who love this show. I also don't trust people who hate it. (FOX 9 9/25)

Dexter: The Best Voiceover Narration on Television enters its sixth season. (SHO 9 9/25)

Hung: I never saw season 2. Season 1 was good, though. Go watch that. Skip this, probably. (HBO 10 10/2)


HIMYM: Season 7 starts, show renewed through season 8. Now in syndication on FX AND Lifetime. BEST SHOW OF ALL TIME (CBS 8 9/19)

NEW Terra Nova: Ah shit, son, Stephen J. Lang up ins. (FOX 8 9/26)

Two and a Half Men: I love Kelso. (CBS 9 9/19)

Bored to Death: Who's a better wolf pack, these guys or the Horrible Bosses crew? Toss-up. (HBO 9 10/10)

Hawaii Five-0: Using your hands to talk like Scott Caan, Chevy parkour, Grace Park's wide-collar t-shirts. (CBS 10 9/19)

Shit, shit, and more shit. Go read a book.


NEW H8R: Will watch episodes conditionally if I like (hate) the celebrity. Of course this is hosted by Mario Lopez! (CW 8 9/14)

South Park (Comedy Central 10 10/5)


NEW Charlie's Angels: I will love this if it's A+ or F- but I'm not sticking around past the pilot for anything in between. (ABC 8 9/22)

Community: AB MENTIONS (NBC 8 9/22)

Always Sunny (FX 10 9/15)

Archer: Ka-KOW! (FX 10:30 9/15)

The League: In real life, Jenny is married to Pete, not Kevin. Wild! (FX 10:30 10/6)


NEW Boss: Go look at the trailer for this, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this will be the best new show of the season. (Starz 10 10/21)


SNL Alec Baldwin starts this season. (NBC 11:30 9/24)

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