Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Phillip's Head Screwdriver

I thought I was being exceedingly clever in coming up with a new drink name. But someone beat me to it:

3 oz Vodka
3 1/2 oz Orange Juice
3 1/2 oz Milk

Woo! I dare me to try that later today. Alright, me, you're on.

On the next episode of Merv at the Movies: I puke, and Tom eats it.


  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    This is a very awesome blog, soon I will do something incredible enough to make it. -Zack

  2. Yeah, think of something good for Friday.

  3. Anonymous12:28 PM

    jesus christ, you havn't posted something new since tuesday. my mtv attention span wandered off days ago. new content. NEW CONTENT.