Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Monique had a birthday. (Now with Lazer! Lazer!)

Monique had a birthday yesterday! The same day as Jean-Claude Van Damme. Even though this picture shows her thinking about that awesome fun fact, I'm pretty sure she's actually thinking about making out with other hot girls, because she sure did it a lot last night. I'm just too classy to post that kind of stuff, though.

We saw Tim while we were out celebrating. And while it's okay for girls to be gay, it is NEVER acceptable for guys to be gay.

We also saw Sam! She told me I called her a bitch a dozen times, but I don't believe it, because look how well we get along!

I don't like making posts that don't involve Yingling. She's my dream girl for some reason.


  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    those dudes is totally queer.

  2. yingling6:03 PM

    i know why