Monday, May 15, 2006

You're living in a Dreamworld.

Just seems to me that if you're going to be buying She-Hulk, you should do it through me.

And remember, now is the perfect time to get caught up with the series, which just concluded a two-part story that emphasizes the strong, important, and true moral: If you are a sexy male alien whom no woman can resist, you are a sexual predator and need to be tried for your crimes against womanity.

And what does the law do with sexual predators? It banishes them to live among their own on the scarred hellscape that is....


Alternate placement possibilities for sexual predators include Wiggle's World and The After Dark Park.


  1. Anonymous3:49 AM

    my flatmates all love she-hulk now, and what's up with the corporate sponsorship, is that you or blogger?

  2. Anonymous2:05 AM

    corporate sponsorship is evan trying to make his blog worth more than yours. duh!