Thursday, May 01, 2008

Somewhere in this post a metaphor falls apart.

I saw There Will Be Blood last night. I heard it was long, and it turns out it was quite long (somewhere between 30 and 400 hours). I also heard there was a line about milkshakes in there, and that is true too, but they put it at the end, so you have to watch the whole movie to hear it. Or you can just watch this clip from Saturday Night Live, and BOOM! You just drank that movie's milkshake!


If you don't have five minutes, I can just tell you that it is funny when you shout "I Drink Your Milkshake!" at the top of your lungs like you have a thick moustache, and there you just drank SNL's milkshake. If there's a way to cut it down further I do not want to hear about it because that's my milkshake.*

*metaphor falls apart here

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