Saturday, November 29, 2008

You need to think about your drinking.

Tanner doing his best impression of Chun-Li:

However, binge drinking isn't all fun and games. Consider the lobster:
  • Blackout Gambit: Drink 'til something happens. All-American Classic.
  • Interest Gambit: See how quickly you can get somebody interested in you, then don't be interested in them.
  • Fallback Gambit: There's no shame in going with something familiar but awful. Well, maybe a little shame.
  • Slut Phase Gambit: React to years of relationship oppression by sleeping with all of your ex's friends.
  • Legwork Gambit: You can have everything you want, but you're gonna have to fucking work for it.
  • Facetime Gambit: When just being around is half the legwork.
  • N.C.M.O.: Noncommital makeouts. What could possibly go wrong? NOTE: MUST BE ATTEMPTED SURREPTITIOUSLY.
  • Commit Mo': Only sticking your tongue down the throat of someone you really care about.
Actually, that all sounds almost entirely like fun and games.

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  1. call me clandestine and get me some lips and whiskey