Thursday, December 04, 2008

She's Having a Baby

So I was watching She's Having a Baby on the Lifetime Movie Network yesterday, and I'm thinking, "I could have sworn there was a synchronized lawnmowing scene in here somewhere," and sure enough, there is (starts at 3:16):

Why would LMN cut that out? That sequence is rich! But LMN trimmed the hell out of the whole film, and just used the time for more commercials about selling your gold

Also, on the subject of Elizabeth McGovern, man, 20 years ago, I would have drove (drove, drover) that home like a pack of sled dogs (see 3:45 in the clip below):

But now...please, for your own sake, under no circumstances should you look for any current pictures of her.

Ah, you did it, didn't you? Time! It will get you, too!

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