Sunday, January 03, 2010

Rooftop View

of a bunch of snow

After a 10-day vacation, my first day back at work has been canceled due to snow. There's no reliable internet weather forecast for Korea, but reports have Seoul receiving more than 30cm. The roads around Ilsan are pretty-well cleared and the buses are running, but judging by the snowfall on my roof, I'd say we got near to 40cm or more here.

The first time I thought to visit the roof was just last week, but of course it's a fairly nice view from 15 stories up. If it was a clear day, it might be easier for you to figure out from the last photo that "Man of La Mancha" is coming to the Opera House this month. I will take some more photos of the exact same view on a nicer day.

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  1. we got snow here also, but i can't tell you how much b/c i don't know how to convert inches into centimeters