Sunday, August 29, 2004

Do not EVER drunk dial.

I went up to the dorm where my brother lives to watch the new Entourage tonight. Great stuff, as per usual, and this time I needed to remind several passersby of that fact. A bit lame that I need to wait two weeks before the season finale, however.

Then, my bro and I watched a couple few musical videos over at the I will tell you this: Aids is never a direct result of smoking marijuana. Never, ever, nerver, erver. Not that the 8 (!!!) different launch ads were so aware of this. Granted, I will allow that the ladder of abuse does go pot, E, coke, horse. So bully for them that they managed to beat out the ads for getting high and running over little girls at the drive-thru in terms of realism. Just pass the semuta, I need to dull the pain.

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