Saturday, August 28, 2004

I can has parallels between Promethea and X-Men?

It boils down to a lifestyle choice. Alan Moore, at some point in his conscious existence, made the very determined decision to effortlessly work coincidence and synchronicity of events in real life into his writing. Promethea, in particular, is soaking in it.

The dead are not truly so dead anymore in Promethea 31. Please refer to Astonishing X-Men #4. Also, you might notice the rather dashing costumes the 4 Swell Guys are wearing. See Astonishing X-Men #1. There's other stuff, too, and most doesn't even involve the X-Men.

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  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Hi evan, Out surfing for information on boils & happened upon your site. While Promethea 31 wasn't exactly spot on, it did strike a note with me. Thank you for the really good read.