Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Punisher 2099 (2004) review

Invincible. I love Invincible. I also love the fact that Kirkman has a Darkhawk proposal lying around. Good guy, good guy.

Mhan. Pop Mhan. You don't know, okay? You just don't know. I was there for Asylum. I was there for Avengelyne. I was there for Union. So there it is. I love the man's art.


They had things going against them from the beginning. Retconning 2099? The most unnecessary action ever (evah). Why not reward me for knowing Spidey 2099 #1 through Manifest Destiny? I honestly don't see too many people needing a future version of these characters that didn't already have at least familiarity with what we already had.

The issue itself is as serviceable as most short stories written by anyone ever. There's just as much to pick apart here as from anyone who used this amount of space to tell a story, honestly. Let's break it down: Castle + Natchios = Bitch, but her crusade may not be totally righteous {divided by} an unknown factor of a husband who may contribute to a division in her soul that leads to the inevitable outcome of physical manifestation (see: CANCER), but with the conclusion of a son whose actions are divided by morality and duty.

So that's kind of like an Aesop's Fable.

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