Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Incredibly True Facts About Shayne Lamas

Here are some bullet-pointed, incredibly true facts about Shayne Lamas, none of which I have made up:
  • Shayne's father, Lorenzo Lamas, often refers to Shayne as his "little renegade."
  • Shayne has a gambling problem. Let me rephrase that: Shayne is awful at gambling.
  • When Shayne is wearing her huge sunglasses, no one can see her or hurt her emotionally.
  • Like many people, Shayne likes to enhance a dating experience with alcohol, a process known as "social lubrication."
  • Except Shayne just calls it "lubridating."
  • Really.
  • Shayne paints her nails black because of peer pressure.
Remember, all of these facts are incredibly true, because it is irresponsible to make up stuff about people you don't know and post it on the internet.

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