Sunday, March 02, 2008

Political CGI Boobs

Rudy Giuliani appeared on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" last night, but unlike Huckabee, his jokes were ONLY not funny, not "not funny and equivalent to the heat death of the universe," as Huckabee's appearance was. But I wouldn't criticize if I didn't have anything positive to contribute, so here's how I would have improved last night's obligatory Republican candidate appearance.

Have you ever noticed how Giuliani looks almost exactly like an old man version of actor Rob Youngblood (Melrose Place, Sliders)? That was originally my entire proposal, just five minutes of commentary on how similar these two look. But trying to get photos for comparison, the only pictures of Youngblood I could find were from a show called Space Precinct, so I put Rudy and Rob together in a promotional still from that and bam! "Buddy Space Cops: Father and Son."

Of course, a sketch like that will require a lot of special effects for all the space stuff, but like the saying goes, "Enh, we'll just CGI it!" Something that was done a lot for the source material, too, 1994-style!

It really makes you long for a time when explosions and car chases actually meant something, like they did in the 1970s television series The Fall Guy, starring Lee Majors. It also featured Heather Thomas, 1982's winner for "Outstanding Achievement in Reasons to Watch Zapped!" So I guess when you get right down to it, my main point here is that I'm going to go back to ignoring political humor for the rest of the day and rent Zapped! instead. But if SNL wants to use "Buddy Space Cops: Father and Son," I could live with that.

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