Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Where's my rabbit-stabbing knife?"

John is coming back into town today, on vacation from learning about geodosic rock formations and working on a cook line, which, if it's anything like Anthony Bourdain says it is, can be kind of grueling:
Line cooking is about consistency, about mindless, unvarying repetition, the same series of tasks performed over and over and over again in exactly the same way. The last thing a chef wants in a line cook is an innovator...Chefs require blind, near-fanatical loyalty, a strong back and an automaton-like consistency of execution under battlefield conditions.
That, from Bourdain's book Kitchen Confidential, is probably a good stab at describing most jobs. And speaking of stabbing, here's a scene from the television series Kitchen Confidential, a documentary of the book with footage that happened in real-time:

Kitchen Confidential

It was canceled after four episodes aired in 2005, although I'd have to believe that John would get picked up for a second season if given the chance. I'll be sure to follow him around with a camera this weekend.

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