Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mom Jeans: Fact or Menace?

Top Cow Productions released some promotional artwork for their upcoming Broken Trinity event yesterday, a great illustration by Kenneth Rocafort of Witchblade-wielder Sara Pezzini. And I think he drew her wearing mom jeans:

I could be wrong about that, though. As far as I know, Pez IS a mother (maybe, I don't really read a lot of Witchblade these days), so in one sense, any jeans she puts on are going to be "mom" jeans. However, in order to get a better sense of what really makes a pair of jeans "mom jeans," I decided to consult a promotional employee manual distributed by Express in 2002. It was less than helpful:

No closer to the truth, I watched the following investigative report:

"Mom Jeans" commercial parody from Saturday Night Live

Those are extreme examples of mom jeans, but does room exist in the spectrum of denim fits for a more demure pair of jeans for the discriminating mother, a fit like Slim Bootcut Mom or Mother's High-Rise Flare? I...I...don't even know what to believe in anymore.

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