Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moral Ambiguity in Movie Reviews: Wanted

We showed up for the afternoon matinée of Wanted on Friday about a minute before the movie proper started, so John, BJ and I had to sit in the third row. I don't think I've sat that close to a movie since I was forced into the same situation at a screening of Attack of the Clones.

"Better not let on that this will make it difficult for me to read the screen," I thought to myself, a fraction of a second before, "Fuck it, I can hang, there is no way I'm letting a close-sit get the best of me, I'm going to follow the shit out of this movie!"

So, facing the self-created challenge of absolutely following Wanted and definitely understanding what's going on and just outright getting why ratsplosions are a good idea (in context), I feel I can safely say, without bias or by duress, that Wanted is the greatest film of all time.

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