Monday, June 02, 2008

Seth Meyers as Blue Beetle

The new issue of Wizard has an interview with Bill Hader and Seth Meyers where they talk about how awesome comics are (they are right). If I had known that Seth Meyers was such a huge fan of comics when I met him, I probably would have tried to build an entire interview around that, too. That was in 2006, and as it turned out, at his birthday party later that year, he just happened (!!) to run into artist Kevin Maguire at the same bar, who drew him a picture of Blue Beetle on the spot.

And then, for his birthday the next year, Maguire drew Meyers a picture of Meyers as the Blue Beetle! Say whhaaaaaaaaa?! That is the greatest birthday gift I can imagine, and the likeness is spot-on, too. If Maguire ever drew a picture of Hader as Booster Gold, Meyers and Hader would have a pretty solid pitch for a Blue & Gold film.

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