Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Today in Lapsed Connections: Bolton + Hercules

Radical Comics is a fairly new publisher, and one of the titles they are putting out is Hercules: The Thracian War, which looks to be getting a cover by John Bolton. Which is just amusingly synchronous to me because I've been reading the Classic X-Men series this last week, the first three dozen or so issues of which feature back-ups illustrated by Bolton.

And there's really no excuse for my brain to go where it did, but when I saw the headline "Bolton draws Radical's Hercules cover," my first thought was of Michael Bolton's single "Go the Distance" from the Disney Hercules movie. But, you know, I just watched that last week, too, so hey.

But I ain't buyin' no dang Hercules comic, anyway. The only thing I'm getting from Radical is this sweet new Yoshitaka Amano art book based on Mozart's The Magic Flute. woot.

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