Monday, February 18, 2008

Footwear Problems

It's not that I'm super particular about shoes or anything like that, but seriously crocs are the worst and should evolve sometime. Also the comfort they provide is not worth all the actual crocodiles who might see your feet and LAZER! LAZER! them.

Also, those sandals in particular but really also the whole ensemble make She-Hulk look like some fashionable friend of someone's mom and also she too is a mom (but she's trying to play it like she is not). Guess what, I know you're a mom. And the way she dangles the sandals, look at her, she thinks she invented sandals. Guess what, She-Hulk, you didn't invent sandals! (To be honest I stole that last one from Weekend Update but that's okay because new SNL this week boy I'm excited).

1 comment:

  1. to be fair, i disliked crocs too. but, when your big corporate company makes you wear closed toe shoes AND its 120 degrees outside with a 130% humidity, you quickly look for a sandal with "closed toes." the only one of available being the croc, or there much cheeper knock off version down at the night market.