Wednesday, February 27, 2008

quarterlife + garfield

The big thing in Garfield-related news this week is "garfield minus garfield," wherein Garfield is removed from every strip, which makes Jon look, you know crazy. My preference, though, is for removing only Garfield's thought balloons, which is easier to do at home with the morning paper. I encourage you to compare the two methods and see which is right for you.

Jon seems crazy either way, but is that really fair to that character? If Garfield's absence/silence is going to effect anyone, it should be characters who are already crazy. Characters like the cast of quarterlife, the hit new show about a depressing female writer who keeps a vlog about all her twentysomething friends and the adventures that their genitals have with each other.

Those shallow bastards! I just want to tune in every Sunday at whenever to see what self-absorbed things they do next! And also to see if anyone else throws the word "tumescent" right in Maite Schwartz's face!

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