Monday, February 11, 2008

Lyin' Rhino

Here is a clip from The Tenthat will let you know if it is for you:

That IS a great plan for an orgy:
  • Go to town.
  • Fuck everyone.
  • Get out.
If that wasn't enough info, "The Ten" is a movie where Paul Rudd is asked to make out with Jessica Alba, and he does. Then she wants a pony. Which is all well and good, but that is ACTING. I have to say that it would be cooler to be actually dating the hot lady-type you're working with:

See, they're not making out in that clip, but you can tell that they probably will later. Stars are just like us!

And about the end of the WGA strike: the only reason I'm glad it's over is because now How I Met Your Mother will come back, and the only reason I was glad it happened is because otherwise I'm sure Carpoolers would have been canceled. Maybe. How would I know for sure? I'm not a damn futurist. Iron Man is the damn futurist.

Man I can't wait to get an interface like that!

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