Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Saturday Sketch: Monty Python's Oscar Wilde

After last week's How I Met Your Mother, in which Barney organizes a bracket to determine which jilted lady-type is wrecking his sets, Tanner and I have decided to organize a bracket of our own. This bracket will determine the funniest comedy sketches of all time, and we will keep track of the 64 entrants using a large rolling chalkboard, just as soon as we can steal one from a kindergarten classroom. We're still a month or two away from actually setting this up, but I'm going to start posting a sketch each Saturday to help me keep track of the entries I will be making in the official bracket.

This week, Monty Python's Flying Circus' "The Oscar Wilde Sketch":

Feel free to post any suggestions for other entrants in the comments section.

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