Monday, April 28, 2008

"So Darned...Handsome!"

After almost two decades out of print, Marvel is once again collecting the Longshot miniseries from 1985 by Ann Nocenti and Art Adams, this time in a premiere hardcover. Not that it's all that difficult to still find original copies, but a slick reprint never hurt anyone. What will hurt, though, is a blah cover like the one on Amazon's pre-order page. Compare it with the cover to the Longshot TPB from 1989:

Of course, the new version won't be out until July, so there is a great chance that most of the book's design has not been finalized yet. Anything would be better than Longshot placed over a blue background, but here's an option: how about a new Art Adams piece re-imagining the cover to Longshot #4? Here's the original cover to refresh your memory:

That's actually a little too small, you can hardly see what's going on there. Here's a larger version:

Awesome. Yeah, that Longshot sure is a great character, with that mullet and the bandoleer and the what-not...which brings me to my next point: the 80s were a decade of give-and-take for fashion. For every picture of She-Hulk wearing leg warmers, there were a hundred pictures of a mutant with a hockey haircut and eight fingers, and the pages of Longshot were no exception. But you wouldn't know it from this post because look out here's another shot of She-Hulk:

If only we lived in a world where the flawless aesthetics of 80s workout gear were properly regarded. If...only...

Eric Prydz' "Call On Me" samples Steve Winwood's "Valerie" (and Winwood even rerecorded the vocals, which was swell of him), and it is the bee's knees. And as you can see from the playlist, those dancers would go on to put out an exercise video, "Pump It Up: The Ultimate Dance Workout," and would reunite again for the video to the Hughes Corporation's "What A Feeling." Not as great as "Call On Me," but Deanna Barry licks Juan's face, which brought to mind Kate Nauta (who has a birthday tomorrow) licking Jason Statham's face in The Transporter 2, and so you can just skip ahead in the fourth clip to 1:33 if you want to see that (and I think you do).

So, what have we learned today? Well, I learned that you can get what you want and still be happy, that the Australian accent truly is the funniest of the accents, and most importantly, that even if your mutant power is being incredibly lucky, it cannot save you from the fickle nature of what is fashionable.

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